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I paint with a small posy of flowers beside my palette, gathered from the garden to remind myself of this.I owe my allegiance to pure color

The pigment is more often than not, glazed, using thin oil rather than impasto. I believe that it has more intensity. I recently brushes have been abandoned in favor of cloth, either silk or cotton. When paint

is applied in this way, more informality of surface is obtained, often colors are mixed on the surface, the edge of the folded material makes a gesture or line with calligraphic quality.

The pastels are done on a soft colored paper. Before which light oil abstract sketch or monotype is done, bearing in mind the pastel colors that are used are to be used on top.

The pastels are fixed at stages but seldom the final one. At one time I applied media in vertical lines but now resort to a more figurative, it tends to be more of a suggestion than a statement

My work is a kind of dialogue between myself and the canvas, always commencing in the abstract and working toward the unknown which is always a surprise to me.

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